Young global citizens become educated advocates for nongovernmental humanitarian organizations known as NGOs.

Connect high school classrooms via Skype with outstanding NGO leaders. Investigate urgent, real-world problems. Victims of poverty, disease, injustice, conflict, climate change and natural disasters become visible. Compassionate students hone research, collaboration and critical thinking skills in oral presentations on behalf of vital NGO missions.

Our students had an opportunity to connect via Skype with leaders of NGOs throughout the World. They gained far more than they ever could have seated in a classroom with a book in front of them.
— Dr. Robina Puryear-Castro, Principal, International High School (Paterson)
We are excited about our students taking advantage of this awesome opportunity to experience life outside of their regular surroundings.
— Tracey Watkins, Principal, Uplift Academy High School (Newark)

A voice on the world stage boosts youthful confidence and self-esteem.


  • CONNECT classrooms to NGOs around the world

  • Meet change leaders IN THE NGO SECTOR

  • Promote shared learning by students and teachers

  • engage students’ Emotional Intelligence

  • probe the consequences OF GLOBALIZATION

  • bolster academic resources in underserved schools

  • highlight the tools of social activism