The Curriculum and Lesson Plan emphasize skills development in service to global humanitarian causes — with close attention to formal teaching standards. They invite adaptation in school or after school to specific goals, grade levels, student achievement, topic preferences and academic calendars. Levels One and Two were developed for highschoolNGOconnect by Sandra Sirota, postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Human Rights Institute, University of Connecticut, and part-time lecturer at Columbia University. Students complete each level with individual or group presentations on behalf of NGOs they select.

Thank you for introducing this wonderful opportunity to our district. When I heard your presentation I knew immediately that there were students who would appreciate this experience.
— Dr. Erica L. Stewart, Principal, STEM Innovation Academy of the Oranges


Today’s reality is that young people will require a new set of knowledge, skills, and dispositions to succeed in our rapidly changing, knowledge-based, global economy.
— Former U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley and Terry Peterson, director, After-school and Community Learning, College of Charleston

Sample Level One Lesson Plan