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Where High School Students Meet Global Change Makers in
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

International High School in Paterson, New Jersey will launch highschoolNGOconnect.org in January 2017

Well regarded for its educational leadership, International High School provides a safe and challenging environment where diversity, academic excellence, imaginative and independent thinking develop informed, confident and compassionate students who are ready to take their place as contributing members of a global society.

NGOs resonate in a school system when 62 percent of all students are Hispanic by origin. Nearly half of all Paterson students speak a primary language other than English including Bengali and Arabic in vital communities with deep roots here.

All told, the families of Paterson students speak 37 languages.

The Pilot program principles amplify key goals set forth by the Paterson school board:
  • Increase Student Achievement
  • Create Healthy School Cultures
  • Lift Graduation Rate and Reduce Dropout Rate
  • Increase Academic Rigor
  • Create Family and Community Engagement Plan
  • Promote Partnerships with Community Organizations, Agencies and Institutions


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Taj and Kat

Secretary General Taj Hamad, World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (www.wango.org), and Kathy Esquiche, cultural liaison department chair at International High School, Paterson, NJ. Ms Esquiche, who will teach the pilot program, attended the first teacher orientation session in December 2016 at Mr. Hamad's offices on UN Plaza.

"Without education, you are not going anywhere in this world."
- Malcolm X