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Where High School Students Meet Global Change Makers in
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

A Dynamic NGO Exploration Geared to Teens


I. First semester: The Global NGO Sector  [HighschoolNGOconnect 101]

During six classes over six weeks, students…

  • Learn about NGOs and how they operate.
  • Conduct interviews via Skype with three global NGO leaders.
  • Explore music and art arising from humanitarian stress.
  • Select and research NGOs to champion.
  • Give individual or team presentations for selected NGOs.
  • Lead a roundtable discussion on local social activism with invited guests.

II. Second semester: NGO Action Agenda [HighschoolNGOconnect 201]

During six classes over six weeks, students

  • Mobilize compassion for a local or global humanitarian cause.
  • Evaluate NGO missions — strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.
  • Choose means to advocate (e.g.: video project; school assembly; petition; social media campaign; blogging; resource collection).
  • Apply SMART Goals (Specific; Measurable; Attainable; Reasonable; Timely).
  • Conduct interviews via Skype with three global NGO activists.
  • Sharpen interviewing skills and critical thinking.
  • Spur leadership in the NGO sector. 
High School Students

III. Service Projects

1. Video project (collaboration with YPARR).

a. Identify and interview on video:

  1. A local humanitarian challenge
  2. An expert who can depict the challenge and its history
  3. One or more victims
  4. Someone who can propose a solution

b. Present reporting

2. Waste-to-Art project (collaboration with Durian)

  1. Identify items that can be rescued (eg: plastic bottles)
  2. Imagine an art goal
  3. Predict steps, resources and obstacles from start to completion
  4. Present plan

IV. In Development: Summer Activist Boot Camp

  • Five half days of activist training and networking opportunities with local activists (for students 18 and older)

V. Global Internship (Summer 2019)

Two-week program with Durian, an NGO that promotes economic development in rural Nigeria, immerses students in two activities:

Durian Logo
  • Sustainable Leadership training program. The aim of this training is to empower the selected participants with skills and perspectives needed to steer change from within their communities as well as being sustainability drivers in the community. After the training, the participants will be known as change catalysts.
  • Waste to Value training Program. The second phase of intervention in each community trains 20 members of each community to transform their local waste to value.

Internship calendar:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 Introduction into the activities of the organization Training Field Work Field Work Visit to organizations/ hubs within the area Site seeing Rest Day
Week 2 Training Field Work Field Work Teenagers connect Visit to secondary schools in the area Site seeing Rest Day

Curriculum developed exclusively for the Network by Sandra Sirota, doctoral candidate in the International and Comparative Education Program at Columbia Teachers College (New York City). Ms. Sirota has conducted research, created curricula, and advised on NGO program development in the fields of human rights, social justice, education, and social services. She holds a Master’s degree in International Human Rights from the University of Denver Korbel School of International Studies and a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from Cornell University. She co-founded and led the Advocacy Lab, a nonprofit organization providing human rights education to secondary school students.

"As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest."
- Nelson Mandela