High School Network for Global Philanthropy


Where High School Students Meet Global Change Makers in
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

HighschoolNGOConnect.org Serves Twin Social Needs

Nonprofit academic enrichment in high schools spurs ideas that global Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) can implement.

Mission: Enable all high school students to become global citizens attuned to humanitarian challenges.

Means: Transport classrooms via Skype to global humanitarian hot spots where dynamic NGOs inspire engagement, spur self-confidence and impart skills that that advance education and careers.

Impact: When purposeful high school students focus their energy on goals, few rest before they see results. Students become advocates and advocacy hones leadership. Empowered leaders transform local and global communities.

Robust Returns on Philanthropic Investment:

For Students

  • Express a voice in world political affairs where change happens daily
  • Gain introductions to 'doers' in the NGO sphere
  • Probe culture arising from duress
  • Evaluate the merits of individual NGOs
  • Embark on a virtual world tour
  • Harness social media for worthy causes

For Teachers

  • Reinforce teaching relationship with motivated students
  • Open students' intellectual and career doors
  • Promote professional development
  • Nurture global citizens
  • Teach history as it unfolds
  • Deploy digital classroom technology

For NGOs

  • Connect with a youthful audience
  • Expand visibility on social media
  • Develop a base of future support
  • Enrich a unique theory of change

For Funders

  • Advance missions geared to high school academic enrichment in low-income communities
  • Satisfy missions that advance global philanthropic investment
  • Nurture new cadres of global citizens
  • Ideal venue for global minded donors who want to see their money work in the U.S.

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'"
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Taj and Kat

Secretary General Taj Hamad, World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (www.wango.org), and Kathy Esquiche, cultural liaison department chair at International High School, Paterson, NJ. Ms Esquiche, who will teach the pilot program, attended the first teacher orientation session in December 2016 at Mr. Hamad's offices on UN Plaza.

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