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highschoolNGOconnect.org™ is offered by the nonprofit High School Network for Global Philanthropy, Inc. to urban, suburban and rural high schools that serve free or subsidized meals to more than half of their students and transports high school classrooms to the front lines of urgent humanitarian challenges.


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Students Receiving Awards

HighschoolNGOconnect.org™ Expands Global-Minded Academic Enrichment in Paterson — Paterson, NJ

November 14, 2017

Following completion of a pilot program at International High School, the Paterson Board of Education has invited highschoolNGOconnect to launch a second academic enrichment program for aspiring global citizens. Like the program coming back to International High School, the new program at the Rosa Parks High School of Fine and Performing Arts is slated to begin in January.

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New Video Documents highschoolNGOconnect

A six-week pilot program, highschoolNGOconnect.org, introduced high school students to leaders of global Non-Governmental Organizations, known worldwide as NGOs. Interviews feature outstanding students in a city where tight budgets curtail conventional academic enrichment.

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Students Conclude highschoolNGOconnect.org Pilot Program with Impassioned Presentations on Global Humanitarian Issues

Paterson, NJ (March 9). The award of global citizenship certificates to six Paterson high school students completed the successful debut of highschoolNGOconnect.org, a nonprofit academic enrichment program that brought these students face-to-face with leaders of diverse NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) all around the world.

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Paterson NJ Schools Launch Global Minded Academic Enrichment

December 7, 2016

The Paterson Board of Education has voted to make International High School the first site for highschoolNGOconnect.orgTM, a nonprofit academic enrichment program that introduces students via digital means to global leaders in Non-Governmental Organizations, known as NGOs.

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World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations Hosts Orientation

December 21

With pilot project classes set to begin on January 17, highschoolNGOconnect.org conducted a pre-launch review of curriculum, mission and core values. The agenda featured a Skype interview with the director of an NGO in Ecuador, a dry run for long distance interactions between students and NGO professionals.

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Virtual Passports

Virtual passports introduce high school students to global nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) engaged in humanitarian relief. Help your students join the ranks of passionate global citizens!

A distinctive voice in global change for high school students where low incomes curtail academic enrichment. A vital audience for nongovernmental humanitarian relief organizations (NGOs)!

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